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Wooden box by Dan de Bruijn
6 Feb 2010

Dan de Bruijn is from The Netherlands and got an Enigma-E kit for Christmas. He is an experienced Radio Ham and has already built other kits in the past, such as the PA0SSB Transceiver and the Hohentwiel 2-meter Transceiver. Nevertheless, he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Enigma-E kit and the manual.

The results of his work is visible in the images. He carried out the modifications on the Steckerbrett, as suggested on the website (serial port, power switch and charge connector) and used 6 GP Powerpack rechargeable batteries (1800 mAh) together with an LM317, a diode and a resistor to create a constant current source.

Finding an appropriate case for the kit wasn't easy. After trying a few tea boxes, he finally found the wooden case shown here. Similar cases are available from IKEA. As the case measures 29 x 22 x 7 cm, the Steckerbrett had to be mounted at a 30 degrees angle.

The free space to the left of the Enigma-E is used as a storage for the serial cable.

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