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Aluminum frame by Daniel Rörick
10 Aug 2009

Daniel Rörick from Germany, surprised us with a smart looking high-tech aluminum frame that holds his Enigma-E. It took him a few months to find the right materials, but he is very satisfied with the result. The nice details of this case are clearly visible in the images at the bottom of the page. Click any of them to enlarge.

Daniel shares his experiences with you:

My point of view is: the Enigma-E will never be the same as a real Enigma, even with a similar case. I really like several other cases on the website, but my idea was to build a case with a more 'technical look'.

I found a good vendor of aluminum profiles for modelling (7.5 mm square) in Germany. I used the items to build a frame for the circuit board. I then added semi-transparent plexiglass for the open faces, so that you can have a look 'inside' the Enigma-E.

The images below should give you a good impression of what the finished case looks like. The first image shows the complete (closed) box with the Enigma-E still visible on the inside. The second image shows the Enigma-E with the top lid removed and the flap (Klappe) open; ready for use. Details of the various parts are visible in the other photographs.

The complete unit, with semi-transparent panels, closed The Enigma-E with the top cover removed and the flap (Klappe) open The semi-transparent lid removed from the box Close-up of the power switch mounted at the left side of the Steckerbrett Close-up detail of the corner of the flap (Klappe) Looking into the Enigma-E from the rear The bare unit before mounting the semi-transparent side panels View at the bottom of the PCB

Aluminium profiles
Daniel found suitable aluminium profiles from Germany-based company Alfer. The company produces a wide range of profiles for professional and DIY applications. They also supply the plastic parts to connect the aluminium profiles at the corners.

If want to have a look, we recommend to start with the German language site first. Links to the company are available at the bottom of this page.

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