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Just to impress my friends
This Enigma case is built by Brian Beeslay in the UK. The leftmost image shows his completed machine with the lid open. The other two images show that he can remove the inner frame, so that the battery can be replaced.

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Brian's comments:
I managed to assemble the board in 2 afternoon sessions & was pleased to find that it worked at the first attempt. The box took a little longer to complete as I had to make several trips to buy the materials I wanted. I based the box on the designs in your instruction manual with a few modifications. I made the inner frame to lift out to enable the battery to be changed. This required the small block of wood in the base & the strip of wood at the back of the lid to hold the inner frame in place during transport. The keyboard & lamp films were computer printed on Transparency/OHP sheet with paxolin strips to hold them in place. The on/off switch mounted in the centre of the Steckerbrett is an ultra miniature toggle switch FH98G from Maplin. This required a slight drilling out of the existing hole. Not sure what I will be using the machine for but the fun was in the building of it & the fact that I can tell friends that I own one.

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