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Wooden Enigma-E case with many extras
This case was made by Stephen Hersey in the US. Stephen was so kind to photograph all stages of his Enigma-E building experience and these pictures show some very nice details. In Stephen's own words:

Notable features include red filter over the LED display (improves readability) and laminated film keyboard overlay. The lamp board overlay is also attached to the transparent flip-up Plexiglas cover. Also note the mounting method for the PC board; it fits in slots milled into the subframe, and is held in place by the Steckerbrett.

I Gimp-processed an Enigma logo from the site and printed it on transparent self-adhesive film, then attached it to the Klappe.

Also note the rechargeable NiCd battery, using a slightly modified constant-current charger circuit to provide a 0.1C rate for the scavenged 1400 mAh pack I had on hand.

Unpacking the kit

Building the kit

Enigma-E in three steps
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