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MSF Case and several modifications by Keith Holdway
   Keith Holdway, owner of Enigma E0199, has created what he calls an economy case for his Enigma-E from MDF. In general he used the dimensions suggested in the Enigma-E manual, but he added 15mm to the depth of the case to allow for the displays etc., at the top of the PCB.

He has also added an extra panel at the top, on which the power switch, serial port socket, etc. are mounted. This is possible with the standard dimensions whilst still having sufficient room for the steckerbrett. The PCB is mounted on a separate internal frame, which is secured by two screws at the bottom of the case. The frame can be removed easily when changing the battery if required.

Using MDF
   The two images on the left show the case is its early stages. The first image (left) shows the completed Enigma-E case before it was painted and the second one (right) show the opened case, with the inner frame removed. MDF is some kind of wood-composite that is available in a variety of dimensions. In general, it's very easy to get hold of and most of all, it's easy to work on.
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The finished case
   Once the case is painted, it looks much more like a genuine Enigma. Look at the nice details, such as the locks and the handle. The lid caries the Zur Beachtung placard as found on the Enigma-A models used by the German Army (Heer). Some spare cables for the Steckerbrett are also present in the lid.

External connections and power supply
   This picture shows how the Enigma-E inner frame was modified to hold a metal plate with the power switch, the external power connector and the serial RS232 connector. Just a nice detail: all text labels are in German.

And finally: an operational Enigma-E
   A look from the front of the opened machine. This picture clearly shows how the spare cables are fitted. Note the extra rig at the top of the Klappe (at the bottom of the picture). It is used to keep the flap closed when carrying the Enigma-E.

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