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Enhanced Enigma-E by Geoff Sullivan
   Geoff Sullivan, one of the contributors to the Enigma-E manual, has completed his Enigma-E case as you can see below. Just for fun, he reprogrammed the microprocessor to allow simulation of the famous G-312 Enigma (the one that was stolen from Bletchley Park in 2000).

As you can see in the picture, the Enigma-E is fitted in a nice wooden case, complete with lid and flap. The Steckerbrett is mounted vertically and the Enigma-E has been enhanced with a serial port connector. New in Geoff's design is the use of an external lamp panel, which is driver via the serial port. External lamp panels were also used with the Swiss Enigma K and the later NEMA machines.

More detailed images are available on Geoff's website.

Some details
An extra rib to support the PCB
Another G312 ?!

  • Crypto Simulation Group
    Geoff Sullivan is a member of the Crypto Simulation group and has contibuted to an impressive range of software emulators for a variety of crypto machines, that can be run on your PC.

  • Geoff's Hut Six website
    This link takes you to Geoff's personal Crypto page on which you'll find some very useful links to information about Enigma and other crypto devices.

  • Geoff's Enigma-E images
    More detailed images of Geoff's Enigma-E are available on this page.
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