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A mechanical Enigma Replica
After seeing a documentary on the Enigma, back in 1998, Marc Dement in the USA got totally hooked on it. Like many others, he spend many hours searching the Internet for just about anything he could find on the matter. In a few months time, he figured out how the machine worked and decided to make a look-a-like, with wired rotors, proper keys, etc.

He used the key tops from an old typewriter, which should be relatively easy to get in the US for a fist full of dollars. Aircraft rivets were used for the stems, which engage the DPDT momentary switches below them.

All face material is 1/4 inch plastic with a wrinkle paint finish. The rotors are fully wired and will encode just like a real Enigma, however at present there is no mechanism to advance the rotors automatically when a key is pressed.

Alternative views

Marc has also built an Enigma-E kit recently and has placed it in yet another wooden case, quite similar to a genuine Enigma case.
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 Enigma Replica by Jim Oram

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