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Wooden case by Anton Steenbakkers
6 January 2004
Anton Steenbakkers in The Netherlands has just informed us that he has designed an alternative wooden case. The case is made of oak wood and the first two pictures are shown below. Click on an image to enlarge. More photographs will follow.

Anton has decided to place the Steckerbrett under an angle of 45° rather than 90°. This way it is easier to add and remove plugs, whilst it is also easier to add or remove a jumper. The top cover is bigger than the bottom part and holds a clever little cupboard containing the cables for the Steckerbrett. When closed, it's a rectangular box that can be placed straight up. At the rear, a handle is provided so that the box can be carried.

Anton has plans to build in a chargable battery and is currently looking for a clever place to put the power connector, switch, RS232 connector, etc.

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