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Wooden case by Joachim von Geisau
5 January 2004
Joachim von Geisau in Germany has just finished a wooden case for his Enigma-E and he has sent us some pictures of it. The photographs below show the various stages of development.

For the top cover, Joachim has used dimensions of 230 x 38 mm, instead of the 35 mm used in the manual. He needed this extra space in order to fit all components under the lid. This was also necessary because the wood he used is thicker than the wood used for the drawings in the manual. He has used beech wood, which is harder than pine but still easy to work with. Please note that you may have to cut away parts of the inner frame as some components are really close to the edge of the PCB.

Joachim has informed us that he can make the 'Zur Beachtung' placard for you. It will printed on anodised aluminium foil and it comes extremely close to the original. He can also provide you with the Enigma logo printed on thick film. Read his posting on the Enigma-E SmartGroup.

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