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Posted: 18 December 2003

Enigma-E review by Bart Wessel
I enjoyed building it very much. All in all it took about seven hours to finish, meaning I had a couple of fun nights at the kitchen table!

The kit is very complete. The only extra part I had to buy was another buzzer to output Morse. Very handsome feature, it allows you to code/decode messages without having to watch the lamps! Thanks Louis for the tip (he mentioned to me it is a very handy extension and I agree wholeheartedly). The manual advices to buy the same sort of buzzer as is already in the kit (the one that produces the 'klunky key' sounds. By all means, follow the advice. The cheapo piezo beeper I tried first can't keep up with the Morse output.

So, to everybody that still have all the parts in the box: enjoy building it. Take your time, use good lighting and a soldering iron with a relatively small tip. Also thin solder is a good idea. If you follow the manual to the letter, you're bound to have it working without any problems.

Mine has been running happily from the first time I switched it on!

Best wishes to all,

Bart Wessel

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