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Bug #003
Preset memory A-F
Identified: 20 February 2009
Status: to be fixed in version 2.00

In the Enigma-E manual it is stated that the device has 8 memory locations to store the current settings. In the operating instructions however, you are instructed to select a letter from A thru F to store your settings, which implies that only 6 memory locations are available. Furthermore, when saving the settings, the Enigma-E itself shows A-F on the display. This is wrong: it should read 'A-H'. So, you do have 8 memory positions despite the incorrect instructions.

Thanks to Stephan van Rooij, a student of the Eindhoven Polytechnics, who was the first one to spot this error five years after the introduction of the Enigma-E...

Future solution
This problem will be fixed in version 2.00 of the firmware that is due some time in 2010.

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