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Fialka ZIP
Spare parts and accessories

According to the checklist that came with each Fialka, the machine was supplied with a small wooden box (item number 20 on the list) that contains spare parts and accessories, or in Russian: Запасные части И Принадлежности, or ЗИП (Latin: ZIP). In the box are some spare components, springs, pawls, brackets, fuses, a paper moisturizer, etc. For a long time it was thought that all ZIP boxes had been lost, but in June 2015 a couple of them turned up at a HAM fleamarket. 1
The box measures 268 x 138 x 60 mm and has a sliding lid with a checklist on it. At the right side is a wax seal that will be broken if the top lid is removed, so that the user is assured of an unused kit. At the front is a leather carrying grip.

The box was intended for use by the end user, who had received some technical training before he was allowed to use the Fialka. The purpose of this training was to make it possible for the end user to carry out small repairs in case the Fialka broke down or somehow got blocked. The box was used alongside the canvas pocket toolkit.
Fialka ZIP box with the lid taken off

Inside the box is a small service lamp that can be powered from the Fialka's power supply unit (PSU). On the Standard PSU, it can be 'piggy-backed' onto the 24V DC cable to the Fialka. On the Tempest PSU is should be connected to the separate 2-pin 24V outlet at the rear of the PSU. The service lamp is useful when carrying out small repairs under bad ambient lighting conditions.
Another very useful item is the paper tape moisturizer that is shown in the image on the right. It is used when the Fialka is set to print text-only output onto 9.6 mm wide gummed paper tape. Once printed, the tape is cut into strips of similar length, which are then glued onto a message sheet or telegram. The paper tape moisturizer should be filled with water.

Other items include a variety of springs, pawls, levers, contact strips, spring-loaded contacts and even contact brushes for the electromotor, so that any electrical failure can be fixed.
Tape moisturiser

The wide section of the box even includes a spare spindle for the cipher wheels, plus spare wheel retaining clips (the so-called C-clips). The kit also contains a spare printer hammer plus a set of rubber inserts for the hammer. And even if the paper tape puncher gets damaged, its punching pins can be replaced. For the event of electronic failures, there are spare transistors, diodes and fuses, but this requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the full circuit diagram.
  1. HAM Radio 2015 fleamarket, 26-28 June 2015, Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Seal Fialka ZIP box with leather carrying strap Fialka spares box (ZIP Opening the ZIP box Contents of the ZIP Contents after removing the sand paper Fialka ZIP box with the lid taken off Contents of the ZIP box

The diagram below shows the contents of the wooden box when the top lid and the large piece of sand paper are removed. It is shown with the leather grip at the top. The box is divided into 6 compartments. The wide compartment at the top holds a spare spindle (for the rotors), a 24V service lamp (that can be connected to the PSU), a strip of switch contacts and some metal parts.

The other compartments contain a collection of electronics parts (diodes, transistors, resistors, fuses, etc.), springs, pawls, brackets, bolts, ball-bearings and metal parts. The compartment at the bottom right contains various switch and relay assemblies and the small one at the bottom left contains components that are needed when repairing a broken cipher wheel. On top of it all: an inspection label signed by the person who checked the contents before the box was sealed.
Checklist Connecting a work-light to the rear of the PSU Service lamp connected to the standard PSU by inserting it 'piggy back' to the Fialka power cable


The top lid of the wooden ZIP box holds a checklist with 53 different items on it. Of some items, multiple pieces may be present. Each item is packed into one of the compartment of the box, identified by a number as shown in the image above. The checklist is translated as follows:
# Designation Description Qty Loc
1 16.366.010 Printer hammer 1 5
2 34.002.704 Bolt M6 6 4
3 14.098.000 Water tray with roller (paper tape moisturizer) 1 4
4 18.916.012 Screw 2 4
5 34.020.314 Screw 2 4
6 - Sand paper *1 1
7 17.844.003 Rubber inserts for printer hammer (item 1) 10 3
8 32.060.201 Nut M6 6 4
9 - Diode D223 5 3
10 - Diode 2D 201B 2 3
11 - Diode 2D 202V 2 3
12 - Diode D237A 2 3
13 16.614.003 Contact plates 5 2
14 16.620.012 Tacho switch (contact asssembly) 1 2
15 16.622.008 Print-loaded contact (for reflector) 10 6
16 12.423.000 Portable lamp 1 1
17 18.604.013 Mounting brackets 4 1
18 18.300.085 Axle (small) 1 5
19 18.310.084 Spindle (main axle for the cipher wheels) 1 1
20 16.614.008 Plate 2 4
21 18.610.010 Plate 1 1
22 18.120.066 Heaving mounting bracket 1 5
23 16.207.016 Spring-loaded catch (slide-block) 10 6
24 - Bearing 6-1000095 GOST 2 5
25 - Fuse 3A 10 3
26 - Fuse 5A 10 3
27 16.385.004 Spring 2 2
28 17.730.012 Contact spring 10 6
29 17.730.013 Spring-steel contact 2 2
30 17.730.015 Spring-loaded contact strip 2 1
31 18.380.019 Spring 5 4
32 18.380.055 Spring 5 5
33 18.380.089 Spring 1 5
34 18.380.117 Spring 5 5
35 18.380.123 Spring 2 5
36 18.385.028 Spring 20 6
37 18.385.038 Spring 1 5
38 18.385.040 Spring 1 5
39 18.387.013 Spring 2 5
40 28.380.509 Spring 1 5
41 17.095.021 Punch (for sprocket hole of tape puncher) 1 5
42 17.095.022 Punch (for 5-level paper tape puncher) 5 5
43 16.354.120 Lever (wheel stepping catch) 2 5
44 18.364.015 Pawl 2 3
45 18.364.030 Pawl 1 2
46 18.352.019 Small axle (optionally with plastic pawl) 1 2
47 - Transistor 1T403G 2 3
48 - Transistor 2T603A 1 3
49 33.014.402 Washer 6.03.05 GOST 12 5
50 18.949.026 Wheel-retaining clips (C-clips for spindle) 5 5
51 - Ball H3-3 GOST 15 2
52 16.610.009 Contact brush (for electromoter) 10 3
53 13.254.001 Electromagnet 2 2

  1. A piece of sand paper is usually lying on top of the items, just below the lid.

Other spare parts
Although the first complete ZIP boxes were (re)discovered by collectors as late as 2015, parts of its contents had been found before, such as the collection of paper-wrapped components shown in the image on the right.

Apart from the usual mechanical, electrical and electronic components, complete building blocks were available to authorized service centres, such as the 5-bit encoder diode matrix, the puncher driver and the famous magic circuit.
A collection of Fialka spare parts taken from the ZIP

A collection of Fialka spare parts taken from the ZIP Close-up of some spare parts Transistor for the puncher driver Bottom view of the magic circuit (new version) Top view of the magic circuit (new version) Puncher driver (top view) Diode matrix (contact side) Diode matrix (5-bit encoder)

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